parents with kids

Parents Should Be..

As a parent you must be more close to your child becouse. Studies show that a child’s academic performance is linked to their home life and the amount of parental support. The students who perform best tend to have happy and stable homes and good communication with their parents. What should be behaviour of parents with there child.
Let your kid solve simple problems.
Let your child work out minor squabbles.
Be a great role model.
Involve them in decision making.
Just play with them.
Take action when your child is unhappy.
Save the cards and gifts.
Parents Should Do To Their Children Every Day To Make Them Feel Loved
Turn off your smartphone.
Turn off the TV and all gadgets at mealtimes.
Make bedtime a precious moment.
Show physical affection.
Spend quality time with each child.
Discipline them with love and affection.
Leave funny and affectionate notes and messages.
Look into their eyes.